Over 10 years of forging art & designs that push the limits of imagination; in conspiracy with bands, labels, and audience.

Established in 2008 by Aldo Requena, HAMMERBLAZE is a multifaceted creative brand specializing in artwork illustration, brand identity, and visual content in the diverse industries of music, publishing, and entertainment. Projects include such names as LOST HORIZON, SKILTRON, BLACK MAJESTY, DESTRÖYER 666, WIZARD, HOLYHELL, PARAGON, MARTIN WALKYIER, MASSACRE RECORDS, and many more. HAMMERBLAZE was generated as a weapon of artistic expression to offer products that can inspire passion for many years to come. But also to triumph and prevail!

The history of what is still to be…

“First and foremost, Hammerblaze was born out of a genuine passion for Arts and Metal. From the very beginning, Hammerblaze’s goal has been to use all of my resources and experience to produce and support bands with new Metal Artwork in the world and – in turn – to present it back to the world in a meaningful way.” — Valgorth

Hammerblaze was established in early 2008 by Aldo ‘Valgorth’ Requena as a multifaceted creative brand; committed to providing artwork, graphics, and web design for Metal bands, record labels, and publishing companies & as a frontline to release his artistic work. The author’s breakthrough came in 2003 working with the cult Swedish Metal band Lost Horizon. The first artwork completed and delivered in early 2005 was the classic Paragon album «Revenge». Since then Hammerblaze has supplied over 40 album artworks and designs in various formats, supported events and tour campaigns; and established a worldwide presence. Valgorth works with bands and clients of all calibers – established names and new rising acts; from all around the globe.

So far Hammerblaze & Valgorth have spearheaded diverse services for Lost Horizon, Skiltron, Wizard, Deströyer 666, David Shankle (Former Manowar), Black Majesty, Feanor, Holyhell, Paragon, In-Defilade, Wacken Metal Battle, Massacre Records, Remedy Records, Vic Records and more; but now 2020 Hammerblaze will also start to establish itself more as a publishing label to release art and music which fits the vision, philosophy, and ideology of this enterprise of art.

Though it is rather obvious that Hammerblaze is foremost a Metal brand, the design work is not limited to a certain genre, which we have proved by working with entertainment acts and studios such as Barakacine, Twisted Factory, WalkingXP, Argentina Comic Con, Printed In Blood, and the dark synth-wave act Flash-Back 2029.

Valgorth along with DESTRÖYER 666, Nov 3, 2018, Buenos Aires.

Clients and Partnership


Valgorth has spearheaded diverse operations in conspiracy with Ancestral Tunes Records · Against The Plagues · Black Majesty · Blacksmith · Cataclysmical Maelstrom · Cellador · Clamando Venganza · Clan Wallace · Dark Shift · Deströyer 666 · Dolmen · Enthrall · Farseer · Faustcoven · Feanor · FlashBack 2029 · Heathen Alliance Festival · HolyHell · In-Defilade · Interceptor · Jaggernaut · Kingdom · Legendary Kingdoms · Lost Horizon · Luciferion · Lyra · Mandoble · Martin Walkyier · Maximal Collision · Metal Forces Magazine · Metal.com · Metalica Zine · Metal-Rules.com · Montreal · Omega’s Apple · Outer Beyond · Paragon · Quemando Cromo · Remedy Records · Running Wild (ReUnation) · Samsarra · Secret Port Records · Shackles · Sinterra · Skiltron · Skull & Bones · Sonic Prophecy · Splintered World · Tengwar · Vesperian Sorrow · Vic Records · Victimario · Vorgrum · Wacken Metal Battle Argentina.

“I believe that an infinite creative mind must stand outside the system and strongly reject all norms from the status-quo. That’s the core of my work and Hammerblaze. Creativity Against The Norms.” — Valgorth