HIGH ALLIANCE MAGAZINE from the United States
Questions: Collin Davis
Answers: Valgorth
Date: January 2nd, 2019
First published on www.HighAllianceMagazine.com

Tell us about your brand. *

My brand is my name: Aldo Requena, also renowned as Valgorth. I specialize in creature design, photography, conceptual art, and illustration for film, games, music, and advertising. My work dwells into dark fantasy, horror, science fiction, and inhuman realities. I also run design operations with my brand HAMMERBLAZE and work together with the creative studio TWISTED FACTORY here in Argentina and worldwide. I am responsible for the art of the Necronomicon book itself for the movie “NECRONOMICON, The Book Of Hell” produced by BARAKACINE. You could say that I function as a single one-man-band. I work with people from all over the world on album artwork, merch, tour campaigns, and more. Nowadays, my signature Hammerblaze is becoming more than just a design platform to slowly cover different productions and even artistic representation. Essentially, Hammerblaze was generated as a creative weapon to satisfy my artistic demands and those from our partners. As a symbiotic entity, my brand expands according to my artistic needs.

When did you know that this was the right path for you? *

Since my childhood, I had the epiphany that I would dedicate my life to the exploration of my abilities. I always possessed a very individualistic mentality. I realized very early on in my life that I was alone on this path. I had to teach myself to regain consciousness on my wings… So, I decided to become my symbol of might to provide myself with courage and joy. This path makes me truly free. I enjoy being lost in my own Eden of creation. The way I see it, you got one life. If you have a talent and you don’t use it, then you are just wasting your time. People take everything very seriously. They forget to listen to the golden voice within; the one we hear when we are kids. If they did not, they would be happier. Pleasure doesn’t come from “things”; it comes from heart, love, and will. Live your life like if Ragnarok is always there to take your breath away. Fuck-off the Norms of Society.

What do you like most about what you do? *

The versatility: my mind is always connecting dots. I can envision billions of options to explore my creativity. I recently get involved in a modeling session with a friend and co-worker, Camila López Garro (alternative model and photographer), in nude and surreal photography (pictures taken by Juan Pablo Aguiar from the firms “Nude Art” and “JPA Fotografía”). I have the fortune to know a lot of good fucking people in the business. Like-minded individuals can truly make your life and work a pleasure. You can’t do two steps without allies. Retrospectively, I have an affinity with what’s beyond our reality, demands the complexity of design and analysis. I have an interest in myths, science, and the occult. The mystery of the unknown and supernatural offer me a proper playground for studying other worlds and instigate the human psyche without restriction. When you create a surreal piece, you aren’t limited by the conception of our see-reality. You can deform it into something else. Then the depiction can become intense, dramatic, and oppressive but also romantic and seductive. Whether is macabre, fantasy, or sci-fi, I like to embellish my creations with an obscure essence. However, I never consider my art to be spooky; that’s only people’s perception. I’m just an explorer, a vessel of my talents. I do admit that I possess a varied set of design skills and emotional triggers that allows me to navigate different realms. But it’s mostly my Art that leads the way. I guess from an anthropological point of view, you can blame my early days as a child. I used to be in contact with biology and strange books, skulls, and other stuff. I even had a great-grandfather who was into black magic. So, I think it is a combination of different elements, including my natural opposition to religious doctrines. In a poetic term, my creativity is like a pulse of existence, I command, to shake the earth and move the suns.

My dark art stands for an unconventional sense of reality. It possesses many different visionary connections that transcend the norms of the world. I am passionate about the arcane and occult of the arts because I can uncover a hidden universe, and I also gain creativity that’s both mystic and ritual in nature. This heavily links into my psyche to approach and explore the unknown. As a result of this, I can connect with the world on a much deeper level than I might not have if it wasn’t for my artistic abilities. The darkness in my work will not relate to everybody, but it will certainly communicate an emotional impact and interest in those who seek to escape from the cryptic frontiers of reality.

What do you most hope to accomplish with your influence? *

Depending on what you mean about influence. I didn’t get into this creative field to influence others. If people find a connection with what I do, then we are a Legion against the world. But I don’t force anyone to “like” my work. The art has to be genuinely praised by the audience. It’s an approval of acceptation which means that there is another person in conspiracy with you. I influence myself. I strive for the insurrection of the mind, to be free of all control and dogma perpetuated by the large, mind-oppressing corporations, which seek to disturb and obscure the mind of man. In these times of fictional liberty and spiritual slavery, the important quest is to look within oneself for the rebellion of the inner spirit (or heart) for guidance. This is the reunification I strive for: a reunification of my vital energy. Thus, I explore the demands of my passions into multiple realms, and I become for the time being—an artist, creator, warrior, antagonist, or anything else. To perceive means to know. To possess means to deny.

What is the biggest obstacle you have faced in your career, and how did you overcome it? *

This is a very good question and hard to answer. I think one of the biggest obstacles for any artist is to deal with the acceptance that Art is not the typical conventional work; it will awake a varied range of emotions and critics on those around you (including friends and family). A situation like this can make you feel very alone and abandoned. I know the misery and the taste of rejection and failure in many shapes. I fucked it up so many times. I still fuck things up hahaha… I am not perfect. I have human imperfections like anybody else. However, I have an unlimited belief in what I do. I can be my biggest enemy and most aggressive ally. I welcome the challenges in life, and I overcome the conflicts with the power of perseverance. There is no other secret than keep moving forward, no matter what. Nothing can stop me. I believe in myself when I say that my art can make a difference, and I hope after reading this, you believe in yourself too. Don’t let the World win against your true talent. I can say honestly that I have certainly thought about some crazy things. I realized very early on in my creative life that I should just expect random crazy thoughts and compulsions to pop into my head at any time, and that this is pretty much par for the course when working with artistic substances. Obstacles are walls to break. Fail proudly. That which does not kill you makes you stronger. Kill the gods, become a god.

If your phone could ring right now with your dream opportunity, what would that be? *

I don’t spend so much time day-dreaming. I have dreams but I try to see the “how” to make them happen. I hate to wait. I am a nonconformist by nature.

What do you want people to remember most about you and your career? *

People can think what they want. I just follow my heart. I can only say: do what you feel right. Work hard and opportunities will appear. Don’t be a douchebag. Pay attention to those who genuinely try to help you and have a real perspective in the business. See what the ancient masters did and understand how and why. However, when you encounter assholes in your way, don’t bother in wasting your time and anger in trying to find the head in those worms who have a rectum on either end. Think positively and take your work seriously. But also find time for enjoyment, do some physical activity, have fun and sex, and all that shit or whatever can give you a scape zone from life’s misery. The most important thing is to practice, practice, and practice. Explore your limits without compromises. Don’t be afraid to be yourself. Fear ain’t your enemy but your ally to win.