SLICKSTER from the United States
Questions: J. G. Bennett
Answers: Valgorth for Flash-Back 2029
Date: May 30th, 2019
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Slickster: Hey guys. Briefly, can you tell us who is who in FB2029 and who plays the guitars and who handles the DJ equipment?

FB2029: Our machinery is divided into the following components: Franco Tempesta (main songwriter/producer / live guitars) and Valgorth (artist/producer / live DJ interface). The stories of our albums are created by both of us, and we do a lot of different tasks to complement each other.

Slickster: Let’s get the most obvious question out of the way right now… Terminator: Dark Fate will be in the movie theaters soon. With the return of James Cameron (Producer), Linda Hamilton, and Arnie, it is a direct sequel to T2: Judgement Day (1991). However, there is already controversy with the movie based on the premise that it dominated by the female cast – a Hollywood trend that has some people rolling their eyes. What are your thoughts on Terminator 6, aka Dark Fate? 

FB2029: We are curious to see what this new chapter brings to the Terminator universe. It’s great to see Linda Hamilton back to her mighty role though. We don’t care about trends, in general. We make our minds and fate.

Slickster: UPRISING  is your second album together, but there was a four-year hiatus between albums. What were you guys up to during this time?

FB2029: It seems like a big gap between albums, but for us are only micro-seconds. We take our time to make things right. We don’t compromise with art. We simultaneously work on several artistic projects that we don’t truly have a “normal” time-perception. What matters is the final product. We run a metal band, work on music production and a design firm, an artistic solo career, art exhibitions, and so on. We are workaholics.

Slickster: Track six on the album, Vicious Marauders, is one of my favorites on UPRISING. It seems to really encompass all of the elements of your music and delivers a heavy punch. Combining electric guitars with sampled soundbites and retro-sounding drums, Vicious Marauders is a highlight for me. VERY cool harmony in the big guitar chords at 2:40! Can you take us through how you wrote this track and what it means to you?

FB2029: Thanks a lot! We are glad you mention it because it’s one of the most important tracks of the album:

The “Vicious Marauders” represents the other side of the coin in the Wastelands. They are the scavengers of the world in search of Skynet’s lost technology. They are rivals of the “Hammerblaze Riders”. Whether they are good or not, that’s for people to decide. There are no rules in the new world. Life is cruel and one must learn to survive.

Franco: The main melody was used as a Leitmotiv about the “Vicious Marauders” gang and if you pay attention, the melody reappears on the grand finale “The Last Convoy”. Guitars are a little tricky to use in this genre if you ask me. I always find myself trying not to overuse them, but this song was screaming out for Metal guitars!

Finally, the addition of a couple of sound clips from Mad Max 2 was the missing bolts and nuts that convey the tune’s wasteland atmosphere. It’s one of our favs as well.

Slickster: We’ve interviewed synthwave musicians from all of the world, but FB2029 is the first group we’ve talk to from Argentina. Why, in your opinion, has synthwave become such an internationally appealing for of music? 

FB2029: Perhaps for the unconventional aura that is transmitted. We know this type of genre evokes certain levels of nostalgic hype, but we see our music beyond that parameter. We think this electronic magic communicates a universal wave of energy and drama that activates certain brain-force emotional elements within ourselves. Like different Metal styles can trigger powerful endorphins, thus happens with Synthwave in other levels. It’s all Art – aural or visual; to be consumed, perceived, and amplified by our senses.

Slickster: Continuing on that, how is the synthwave scene in Buenos Aires? Are there lots of people making this kind of music, or is FB2029 the only one?

FB2029: Many acts are producing great work here in Argentina. We recently shared the stage with some of them. It would be unfair and unprofessional to name just a few. The scene is growing stronger though thanks to serious events like Buenos Aires Outrun & Metatron.

Slickster: Do either of you guys have formal training or background in music or were you mostly self-taught musicians?

FB2029: We are self-taught artists and we don’t have any formal training or background education on music or art. We learned from our own mistakes. We still do!

Slickster: In The Terminator, Kyle Reese is sent back in time to save Sarah Conner from the T-800. 

If you could go back in time tell yourself one thing, what would it be?

FB2029: Never surrender. You make your fate.

Slickster: Will you be doing any more live shows, like METATRON V, in support of UPRISING?

FB2029: Absolutely, it’s one of our goals to do more live appearances. But we want to surprise the audience with something special every time and that always takes some extra work for preparing a new live set. That would result in doing just a few shows per year but giving our best at each one.

Slickster: Thanks again for sharing your thoughts with Slickster Magazine. Is there anything else you’d like to mention or say that we didn’t get a chance to talk about during the interview?

FB2029: We would like to thank everyone who supports us in any way and for their great feedback after the new album’s release. This is just the beginning…