“The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself.” — Friedrich Nietzsche.


“Creativity Against The Norm” is my artistic war cry in opposition to the status-quo. It’s a representation of the creative force within and the fight of Art to prevail against the doctrines and moral codes of society (The Norm). In a deepest analysis, when the spirit is lost, the vicissitudes of life can mortify the sign of prime creation. It is not by the cards of destiny that actions occur, but by our own hand and determination is only possible to achieve results. There is no savior or secret formula. There is no valid excuse. No man, woman, beast, demon or god to trust. The only system to transcend the limits of oneself is by maximum personal effort.

Understand this: every fundament and moral concept from our history was conceived by deceivers with the sole purpose to control and suppress our capacity for individual existence and rational thinking. As an infected plague, noxious civilizations had dispersed mental and spiritual misguidance, causing deterioration for the development of a free living sense. If the common ethical model is “Not Think but Follow,” any radical opposition that attempts to neglect the established order shall embrace one valid credo: “The Uprising of Will.” For Creativity to prevail, it is necessary to achieve a Non Serviam mental condition of rejection against the norm. Any criterion that is not true to our distinctive nature is an implicit restriction to the decree of the over-will. Furthermore, the supreme principles that govern perseverance for one’s dreams shall always be in disagreement with the mundane habits of society. Even if one walks through the edge of misery and insanity, the path to wisdom and mastery resides in the sacred solitude of self-discovery. It is only there where the real magic presents itself and the inner-voice is heard; enlightening the flame of zeal from which the mind endures and rises in disobedient discontent against the world. Thus, accepting that genuine creativity originates through chaos, and I rise from my ruins to create and destroy alike.

Whether from intuition, dreams or thoughts, my artistic manifestations are an exertion of physical and intellectual strength—toward the attainment to confront the modern society and oppose their dogmatic mysticism and primitive ideas—and of course, art is (for me) a weapon to free the magic within. It is an ingenious tool to deny the cultural isolation from the world order. Thus, through the power of insight, passion and tenacity, I create a gateway where ideas and visions come to life, and to reveal realities that can inspire emotions for many years to come. Under the same gust of creative justice, I explore the demands of my passions into multiple realms, and I become for the time being—an artist, creator, warrior, antagonist or anything else. To perceive means to know. To possess means to deny. In the catacombs of life, I cast the physical and mental power. To feed the ambition of the heart and enforce it with a fervent romantic rebellion. In a poetic term, my creativity is like a pulse of existence, I command, to shake the earth and move the suns.

Why is it so important to be true to your own spirit? Because the road to self-development can be a venture populated by vultureous creatures, who will intend to exploit idiosyncrasies and prejudices that compromise the direction of cultural and personal creativity. When parameters of ignorance convey with misused necessities, art itself has no value. It is absurd to assume otherwise. Art is a weapon, a gateway of freedom, and a direct connection to primal realities which explore and illuminate obscure corners of the mind.

In the absence of light, let your eyes see in the boundless dark. Like a day without the dawn, to wander the cosmic realities confined unto the highest self.

Those able to see the meaning and logic in this, will be blessed by a mystical apostasy. The rest will remain in this forest called “humanity” and continue to decay in ignorance…

Be true to your own spirit. Deny mortality.
Sharpen Up The Steel.

Aldo “Valgorth” Requena
July 21st, Gothenburg, Sweden, 2016

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